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This system is created and maintained by the Periodical Section of Reader Services Division of the National Central Library.

PerioPath is an online index and a periodical article delivery services, it contains the articles information of approximately 2600 titles of Chinese and Western language periodicals published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau from 1994. You can search under article title, author, class code, keyword, journal title, and publication date, etc. to retrieve information of recent articles. It obviously not only promotes periodicals resources sharing, but also facilitates research and development activities.

The system is delivering citation and image information of articles currently received by the Periodical Section of the National Central Library. After registering the document delivery application, you can either read the article online, or choose fax services to receive facsimile copies almost immediately.

The system provides Easy searching, Expert searching and Command Mode for various user requirements.

Trail and Comments are welcome.

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